Published on 06/29/2021 9:55 am
Masters in Economics at Symbiosis School of Economics

Symbiosis School of Economics (SSE), one of India’s top economics colleges offers a unique opportunity to study economics which is well-crafted by very able and young faculty who are continuously striving hard to academically challenge our students. SSE is one the premier institute offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Economics.

Symbiosis School of Economics, being one of the top Economics colleges in Pune, provides academic inputs that equip the student with a strong theoretical, analytical and empirical understanding of the subject matter. SSE offers a 2-year post-graduate programme - M.Sc. in Economics within which students develop the intellectual and professional competencies for successful life and work. A systematic framework for analysing, researching, and writing about a wide array of financial and regional economic issues provide a methodology for understanding The M.Sc. Economics programme at SSE provides an all-inclusive path to meticulously understand and apply economic theories to economic modelling and forecasting in the real world. The interdisciplinary curriculum is intended for those students who desire a rigorous higher education and training in the field of Economics with the aim to pursue career paths that include analytical, financial, advisory, managerial and research oriented work. .


The below 4 specialisations are offered at SSE for students pursuing M.Sc.

International Trade

This specialisation extensively explores

Explores extensively the principles of economics behind causes and effects of trade beyond the geographical and political boundaries that help a student to understand different patterns, trends and results of interactions between the inhabitants and authorities of different countries based on trade, investment, migration among many other factors.

Development Studies

Development Studies covers broad economic aspects exploring the causes, needs and processes of development in low-income countries. The specialization focuses on spatial and temporal theories and methods, helping to formulate policies at the domestic and international levels to achieve optimal social ends.

Urban Development

Urban Development takes into account the critical economic and socio-economic factors while doing the same. The course is interdisciplinary in its approach and a student is exposed to technically grounded subjects like Geographic Information System (GIS), the importance of financial management and governance at ULBS, energy, water and sanitation resources in the nation and the need to bring down urban poverty.



With a solid foundation in core economics built in the first two semesters, the specialization is a distinctive prospect to gain a sound footing and depth in the field. The students will gain an in depth grounding with core courses in corporate finance and financial markets, risk, investments, financial modelling and other applied courses. Students also have the opportunity to gain deeper practical insight and links to the real world dealing with finance.

Symbiosis School of Economics is dedicated to training it’s students so that they can explore such opportunities with firm knowledge and strong fundamental skills. However, at present, there are only a limited number of high-quality centres in post-graduate teaching and research in economics in the country. The primary objective in founding the Symbiosis School of Economics was to create a centre of excellence in post-graduate education i.e., Masters in Economics in the country.

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