Published on 03/23/2021 3:10 pm
How to Choose the Best Economics College in India.

Economic syllabi at the best economics colleges in India like Symbiosis School of Economics are divided into two veins: microeconomics and macroeconomics. The former looks at the behaviour and exchanges between individual mediators, such as households, companies, buyers and sellers. Macroeconomics investigates entire economies on a national or global scale, focusing on employment, inflation, economic growth and monetary and fiscal policy.

Some Symbiosis School of Economics graduates choose to study further, with the chance to specialise and become an expert in a chosen field, as well as further boosting job prospects. Before deciding your college you have to look at these parameters:


The ideal economics college infrastructure will support, enable, and enhance the work of its faculty, staff, and students. Its people and processes will be responsive and customer oriented. Its facilities and its information resources and technologies will fully support its missions of teaching, scholarship, and community outreach and engagement. SSE has a fully-stocked library, health facilities, Centre for Quantitative Learning and Applications, Behavioural and Experimental Economics Cell, Hostel, and even pet therapy.


Before choosing an institution, do check the previous year records, and which organizations visited for selecting potential candidates. Try to contact your seniors and ask about the placement, internship etc. The Placement Committee at SSE warmly invites corporate firms, banks, research organizations, government institutions and non-government institutions to be a part of the Placement Process at Symbiosis School of Economics.

 International experiences

International experiences are often a highlight of tertiary study, so be sure to find out whether the institution offers international exchange, study abroad and study tour opportunities or has an overseas campus. SSE’s teaching courses are benchmarked with leading universities, enhanced pedagogy, internationally acclaimed curriculum, admissions to leading Indian and foreign universities, creates globally employable students and offers semester exchange programmes.

Campus life

Life at University isn’t just about studying and hard work, it’s about balance. The college should offer a wide range of sporting and recreational programmes that caters to all students regardless of age and background. Campus life at SSE offers myriad opportunities for students to enjoy and express themselves, including the Theatron Club, Ethnic Day, Inter-batch competitions, clean-up drives, choreography club and much more.

Teaching quality

Teaching quality differs from institution to institution, and some will always be stronger in teaching certain fields than others. Feedback about teaching will always be subjective, but it is certainly an important thing to consider. SSE’s faculty have decades of experience in their respective fields and in teaching, offering the highest standards of teaching possible.

Why choose Symbiosis School of Economics?

Incepted in 2008, SSE is a bright, young, vigorous and growing institution, with a demonstrable record of success. This very niche institute seeks to develop intellectual discipline, critical and analytical assessment, which will result in rational thinking, along with an understanding of the need for constrained optimization, and a strong urge to strive towards achieving equilibrium. We at SSE, achieve these goals in an educational environment committed to excellence and academic freedom.

 SSE offers both Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

Higher education is critical to successful economic development and quality of life. SSE offers Undergraduate and Graduate (international norm) or Undergraduate to Postgraduate programs in Economics within which students develop the intellectual and professional competencies for successful life and work, leadership. The course content is rigorous and the approach is descriptive as well as investigative; it connects the students with every aspect of economic life through various facets – the micro, the macro and the global setups. It is our endeavour to create a class of students who will be capable of including innovations and pragmatism into problem-solving in these very spheres.

It is a journey of academic pursuits, which will be ever evolving including different perspectives from varied stakeholders, making our courses increasingly relevant and meaningful. Whether you’re looking to pursue M.Sc. Economics in India or B.Sc. Economics (honours), SSE is the ideal choice, being one of the top economics colleges in India.

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