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Students at SSE are exposed to a rigorous environment where they study courses in all aspects of Economics at both Bachelor’s and Master’s Level. The inclusion of interdisciplinary subjects like Finance, Development Studies, International Trade, Urban Development, and policy analysis makes students at both the levels well versed with the theory as well as recent developments in the real world.

As a part of Symbiosis International University, students at SSE are eligible for the Student Exchange programs post completion of one year at SSE. A set of students fly out to different nations and in exchange, a set of international students fly in to experience the Indian culture and teaching pedagogy at SSE.

Alongside the assignments and projects students completed during their coursework, every student is mandated to undertake two Summer Internships. Thus, for a student enrolled in the B.Sc.(Hons) program has a minimum 2 months of experience, while a student enrolled in M.Sc. Economics Has 2 months of the minimum internship experience, respectively by the time they graduate.

Economics Degree Syllabus

Here’s a quick breakdown about the economics degree syllabi for B.Sc. and M.Sc. at the top economics colleges in Pune, like Symbiosis School of Economics.

Undergraduate level: At Symbiosis School of Economics, B.Sc. (Economics) Honours is a full-time, three-year graduation programme.

It offers a wide array of ‘Out of box’ courses like Accounts, Environmental Economics, International Relations, Political Economy of India, and Research Methodology etc., not emphasized in traditional economics graduation programs. This will help students to get an edge over others in terms of critical thinking, logical analysis and deep understanding of crucial economic issues.

We aim at creating a class of graduates in Economics who would be equipped not only with the strong foundation of economic theory but also with skills required to tackle and analyse the real world business and economic issues.


Postgraduate level: The basic focus of the M.Sc. course at content at SSE is to train students who apply economic concepts in real life and other inter-disciplinary specializations. The curriculum is designed keeping the employability of the candidate in sectors such as public and private enterprises, banking and financial services, government, consulting, academia and NGOs in India and abroad. SSE is currently offering modules in Advanced Economic Theory, Econometrics, International Economics, and Development Economics, etc.


What skills do you need to pursue a successful career in economics? 

  • You should have strong mathematical skills

  • An awareness of current affairs and their economic implications

  • You should be research-minded and be able to research every aspect of the economy.

  • You have to think logically in a variety of scenarios.


Job opportunities in economics in India after studying B.Sc. Economics at SSE:

Our B.Sc. Economics Programme prepares students for a wide variety of industries including academic research, analytics, finance, market research, and roles in the Government of India. Our students have been successfully placed in prominent organizations like D.E. Shaw Associates, TresVista, Deloitte India, BristleCone, Ernst & Young, Zephyr Financial Services, S&P Capital, ZocDoc  UBS, Vodafone, Demand Planning LLP, QS Intelligence Unit, Hindustan Times and many more.


Job opportunities in economics in India after studying M.SC. Economics at SSE:

The M.Sc. Economics programme is interdisciplinary. The programme seeks to develop intellectual discipline, critical and analytical thinking with a view to grooming passionate individuals capable of taking up responsibility. Having an eclectic mix of student backgrounds ranging from economics, commerce, mathematics, statistics, management, and marketing, the diversified student base brings to the table a board set of ideas, innovations, and a broad framework of dynamic iterations. This talented student community together with the knowledge of ethic imbibed at SSE ensures that students are prepared for roles as managers, economists, statisticians, analysts, and entrepreneurs.


Job roles in this field also include:

  • Professional Economist

  • Financial Risk Analyst

  • Data Analyst (Banking Sector)

  • Financial Planner (Banking Sector)

  • Financial Controller/Financial Economist

  • Equity Analyst

  • Cost Accountant

  • Economic Researcher

  • Business Economist

  • Agricultural Economist

  • International Economist (Specialization)

  • Industrial Economist (Specialization)

  • Labour Economist (Specialization)

  • Investment Analyst


These are just some of the reasons to enrol in one of the economics colleges in Pune, like Symbiosis School of Economics. You will learn everything you need to begin your career and attain success in the vast field of economics.  

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