Published on 08/22/2018 12:23 pm
Be the change with excellence in economics

“The real contributions of economics to human welfare might turn out to be very different

from what most people - even most economists - expect.” - Tyler Cowen

Do you see yourself as a game changer in tough situations? Are you a pro in the numbers game?Pursue economics to make the most of your mathematical, analytical and reasoning skills towards a great future.A career in economics is one of the most sought after in today’s world. Globalisation has further fuelled the career prospects for economics students in business, education,management, banking and finance, consultancy in government as well as in private companies. Choosing the right platform to begin in this direction makes a huge difference.

Aim for one of the best economics colleges in India. One can opt for B Sc Economics to get a head-start in the field at graduate level or M Sc economics after graduation. A graduate or post graduate in economics can find entry level jobs in banking, finance, insurance, stock market, sales, and marketing and many other fields. The Indian Economic services (IES) and positions in reserve Bank of India (RBI) are some lucrative options in government sector. In addition to these two organizations, the economists also have opportunities in colleges, universities, institutes as lecturer, assistant professor and assistant scientist.

Pune as a seat of excellence:
When it comes to educational excellence, Pune has been revered as the Oxford of the East and

rightly so, owing to its eminent institutions and a vibrant student culture. There are more than 9

deemed universities and 400 colleges affiliated to Pune University, offering courses in all streams. Among the major institutes. Symbiosis University offers more than 50 different courses in all the major fields. Symbiosis School of Economics is an established name in this regard not just amidst the Economics Colleges in Pune, but in India.
A glance at Symbiosis School of Economics:
Higher education is critical to successful economic development and quality of life. SSE focuses on helping students develop the intellectual and professional competencies for successful life and work, for brilliance in economics. The course content is rigorous and the approach is descriptive as well as investigative. It connects the students with every aspect of economic life through various facets – the micro, the macro and the global setups. It is our endeavour to create a class of students who will be capable of including innovations and pragmatism into problem-solving in these very spheres. With its interdisciplinary flavours, the curricula prepare students for careers in banks, financial institutions, media and communication, Government, academia and so on. Despite the demanding environment, there is ample scope for creativity, originality and student Initiatives. It is a journey of academic pursuits, which will be ever evolving including different perspectives from varied stakeholders, making our courses increasingly relevant and meaningful.

Economics Honours:

B.Sc. (Economics) Honours is a full-time, three-year graduation programme. It aims at imparting a programme structure which would retain the ‘traditionals’ in the programme yet would plug the

loopholes and limitations of only a traditional approach.
The programme offers a wide array of ‘Out of box’ courses like Accounts, Environmental Economics,International Relations, Political Economy of India, Research Methodology etc, not emphasized in traditional economics graduation programs. This is to help students to get an edge over others in terms of critical thinking, logical analysis and deep understanding of crucial economic issues.

Masters in Economics:

A Master’s degree, with a strong background in Economic Theory, Mathematics, Statistics and

Econometrics, incorporating contemporary economics, provides the basis for acquiring special focus within the related fields and subfields of Economics. The importance of quantitative skills is not unknown to Economists; courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Sampling Theory, Survey Design, and Computer Science are extremely helpful to hone the expertise required from a candidate who has opted for this programme.

Of the many leading colleges that offers Masters of Economics in India, Symbiosis is notable in its pedagogy, industry exposure, experiential learning and a charged educative atmosphere.

The MSc in Economics that SSE offers is very quantitative in nature and approach. The programme provides an all-inclusive path to meticulously understand and apply Economic Theories and their application to Economic Modelling and Forecasting in the real world. There are many fields and specialisations in Economics that you can pursue, of which quantitative economics and Masters in Urban Development have garnered much interest and attention.

Quantitative Economics focuses on the systematic study of mathematical and statistical analysis of economic phenomena and problems. Quantitative Economics in India is ripe with rewarding future prospects.

Masters in Urban Development:

With the ever growing urban population and increasing demand for excellent economists, the scope of Masters in Urban Development has spiked like never before. The process of urbanization historically has been associated with other important economic and social transformations, which have brought greater geographic mobility, lower fertility, longer life expectancy and population ageing (United Nation (UN)’s report on World Urbanization Prospects in 2014).Symbiosis School of Economics (SSE) is actively engaged in various research activities to identify the myriad urban challenges and its implications on economic 

and human development along with teaching a 60-hours post-graduate course on Urban Economics Development. With the recognition that many practitioners and aspiring researchers would be benefitted by an inter-disciplinary well-structured programme, SSE introduces one-year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Urban Development from 2017-18. The course will cover more than 10 subjects related to urban development including Urban Governance, Urban Planning and Development, Urban Finance and Urban Development Experiences relevant for India.

While a career in economics brings to you abundant opportunities, the key is to give your career the right foundation. Apply for a course that nurtures you beyond the classroom, with real-life problem solving, enriching extra-curricular activities at a platform which is recognised for its educational legacy. The future is yours. Begin today.

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