Published on 08/23/2021 10:54 am
All About BSc. (Economics) Honours at SSE, Pune

Studying B.Sc. (Economics) Honours in India makes a lot of sense because India's economy is steadily growing in value and importance. A career in economics therefore opens up many job opportunities and gives candidates the chance to be a part of India's success story.

How is B.Sc. Economics Honours Career Prospects?

In a nutshell, the course provides a starting point for higher degrees in specific areas of macro and micro economics for students wanting to enter the field of academia.

It is also great for students wanting to make a name for themselves in the field of economic research, planning and policy.

Students can also become a part of the Indian Economic Service and Reserve Bank of India, both government entities.

Every organisation from corporate MNCs to PSUs can benefit greatly from the expertise, skill and aptitude of those with a B.Sc. (Economics) Honours, especially one from a reputed college such as SSE, Pune.

Here is a concise list of sectors that students can hope to be a part of:

● Colleges & Universities

● Banks & Financing

● Economics Research Centres

● Business Consultancies


● PSUs

● MNCs

● BPOs & KPOs

The course also provides those with a knack for entrepreneurship the tools they need to make it on their own.

B.Sc. Economics Honours Eligibility and Candidate Profile

 Students interested in B.Sc. (Economics) Honours course at SSE are a curious bunch keen on extracting relevant information, drawing conclusions and making logical recommendations while considering the broader social and political picture. In short the course is suitable for students with an opinion and the urge to make a difference, who want to learn the ins and outs of Economics from one of the best colleges for Bachelors in Economics India.

Economic Honours is especially suitable to those students who have an inclination to analysing data and information and then drawing conclusions and recommendations from it.

It is also for students who are interested in critically evaluating current economic policies and benchmarking their performance against the global economies. Students should have some basic logical and verbal skills that can some in handy while solving problems, drawing observations and inferences from data and presenting ideas in compelling writing and speech during the course.

 If this sounds like you, Symbiosis School of Economics is one of the best places to study B.Sc. Economics in India and can help you make a career of guiding the nation or your organisation to the pinnacle of economic efficiency and success.

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