Published on 01/06/2021 12:53 pm
There is Immense growth potential for students studying Economics

Economics is one of the most sought-after areas of study for students completing 10+2. In the face of the ever-changing economic landscape, there are growth horizons, extended scope of work as well as fields of study for students opting to study BSc Economics and Masters in Economics India. As the best economics college in India, Symbiosis School of Economics aims to impart world-class education for students by providing the best-in-class training right from the formative years of an undergraduate degree. The college is situated in the verdant Pune and has students from across the country and around the globe studying at the campus here. What makes it the best economics college in Pune is its ability to combine an intensive study structure makes up for the academic objectives driven by the college, as much as the extra-curricular activities that go a long way in grooming the personality of the students. 


Career opportunities about for Economics

There are growing career opportunities and growth potential for students studying Economics that can safely conclude that several factors have driven this trend. From changes in the political structure to changing global economic scenario, societal factors, or impact due to force majeure, like the ongoing global-pandemic, they all singly or in combination affect the economic changes. They also garner growth opportunities, change consumption habits among people. All sectors and qualified professionals conduct a comprehensive study of these factors. 

These factors have also opened doors to economists, analysts, and researchers. Likewise, the capital markets, the manufacturing sector, academics, and research are vital areas where students who have completed B.Sc. Economics, especially from some of the top economics colleges in Pune, such as Symbiosis School of Economics, can work.

Academic structure for the study of B.Sc. in Economics

The academic structure for B.Sc. Economics is of six semesters comprising generic core courses of the various aspects of Economics such as the Indian Economy, Statistics for Economy, Micro and Macro Economy, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, among others. As the best economics college in Pune, the curriculum structure aims to meet the growing demands. The Generic elective courses, business accounting financial analysis, money banking and finance, public administration, and policy are a part of the syllabus during the first four semesters. Compulsory dissertations and internships are a part of the program that have to be undertaken by students during the last two semesters. It, in a way, gives a heads up for the future career. 

A balance of academics and Extracurricular activities

Symbiosis School of Economics provides ample opportunities to pursue hobbies and interests along with academics at B.Sc Economics and Masters in Economics India. From clubs to forums, students' activities, and internships, there are several events that students can indulge in within the campus as well as outside the school as a part of the overall experience. The state-of-the-art library facility within the university, recreation cell, and hostel facility are some of the college's facilities for students studying at the university. 

The college aims to impart an intensive study of economics combining 

The active placement cell is responsible for honing personality in students during the years at college. The past academic year 2018-19 witnessed students' placement in varied sectors, including report and research jobs, capital markets, planning, academics, corresponding to 100% placement during the session. 

As the best Economics college in India, students who wish to seek admission in SSE selected through a three-step procedure.

- Step 1-applying and registration for the Symbiosis Entrance Test that takes place during May. 

-Step 2: Selected students notified through a first and the corresponding second merit list published-tentatively between the third week of June to the second week of July. 

-Step 3: students admitted upon payment of fees, and the college usually begin by the first week of August. 

Symbiosis School of Economics is one of the most sought-after colleges in India for the study of Economics and consistently ranked among the top economics colleges in India for undergraduate level and postgraduate level leading to Masters in Economics India. World over, the economic landscape is changing and evolving. In this scenario, there is a good growth potential for students aspiring to carve a niche for themselves in Economics. 

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