Published on 10/27/2018 11:26 am
Make a difference with Masters in Urban Development

Economics continues to be of the most crucial and lucrative fields of study, more so in the current times. Professionals in this field can choose from a range of broad career opportunities. Pursuing masters in economics is meant for those individuals who are not only passionate about the discipline but wish to multiply their prospects and skills in it. Whether you are an Economics graduate, or wish to switch to the field while pursuing higher education in it, MSc in Economics is a brilliant way to achieve your goals. Master’s degree with a strong base in Mathematics, Economic Theory, Statistics and Econometrics, while incorporating contemporary economics, provides the required foundation for a brilliant career in economics.

The enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills of an economist are applicable in almost every walk of life. From being a Wall Street genius, entrepreneur to reforming public policies and urban planning or simply be a sought after consultant, excellence in economics can take one places.

There are many specialisations to do Masters in Economics India, of which a few stand out in terms of novelty, increasing relevance and lucrative scope. Let’s talk about a rapidly developing field in the era of globalisation and economic transformations – Urban development.

Urban development is defined as a system of residential expansion that goes into creating urban dwelling and cities. With cities being the key contributors to the growth of national income, it is imperative to have a highly skilled think-tank of analysers, strategists and decision makers who are involved in the process of urbanization.  

Urban Development is fast becoming a sought after specialisation in the field of economics. It is a multidisciplinary course which includes issues related to development, planning, urban economics and finance, demography, infrastructure, informal sectors and sustainable livelihoods. Issues related to urban sociology, energy and environment, capacity building of urban development bodies are also explored in detail, along with the real life challenges & experiences.

The key is to study Masters in Urban Development from a reputed University. Symbiosis School of Economics is one of the emerging names amidst the leading colleges of economics in India. The curriculum offered is made of a very rigorous, updated and comprehensive course in economics which will equip you with not just theoretical excellence, but global understanding, industry exposure and a vibrant atmosphere of brilliant minds from all India and beyond. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the world is one family is a guiding philosophy at Symbiosis. You will find yourself in a transformative platform which seeks revolutionary economists to steer the future in the right direction. Not just for yourself, but leading corporates or government bodies that you will eventuallh be a part of.  

In the rapidly growing urban development scenario, the world needs key decision makers such as urban planners and economic development planners to devise smarter policies towards increasing opportunities for economic growth and development. As an economist you would be entrusted with making big decisions but the first one begins today. With choosing the right platform to pursue Masters in Urban Development from. 

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