Published on 10/14/2021 10:12 am
Choosing Economics As Your Area Of Study For Graduation

Study of Economics is one of the most sought-after area of study in in stream of Humanities and has opened up a world of possibilities. With some of the best economics colleges in India offering B.Sc. Economics, M.Sc Economics in India,  the study is focussed  to provide a strong understanding of micro and macro aspects of the national and global economy. By choosing economics as yiur interest  can therefore prove to be rewarding both professionally and personally considering the job opportunities that are in store for students pursuing Economics.

Pune is the hub of education in India, as students from world over come here to pursue economics from some of the best economics colleges in Pune. Symbiosis School of Economics being one of them was established in the year 2008. Tge college is rated among the few colleges offering degree B.Sc. Economics Honours and Economics in the country. The institution offers  a course in P.G. Diploma course of Economics as well.



During the Undergraduate degree level, students are introduced to the micro and macro aspects of economy. This, in combination with with the quantitative and statistical concepts helps in the deeper understanding of economic theories. Furthermore, the study involves mathematical and econometric tools, that helps students pursuing B.Sc. Economics develop strong analytical skills. The entire course is divided into six semester which comprises of compulsory core and optional papers, projects, global immersion programme, internships and dissertations. 

During the first-year,  students study the compulsory units of economics and quantitative methods that provides a strong foundation for future. The optional subjects  are introduced post- third semester, that will lead to  further specialization in the chosen subject. Dissertations,  compulsory internships with NGO’s, projects  are the highlights of this course conducted by the SSE.

All the programmes is conducted in accordance with the international norms that aim s at helping  students develop intellectual and professional competencies for a successful career ahead. The entire approach is  a holistic approach that aims to provide leadership skills with work-life balance. Graduate students from SSE are given placement assistance, career and job guidance or take up higher studies such as M.Sc. Economics in India. As one of the best Economics colleges in India, provides world-class infrastructure for students across all their campuses. This includes good library facilities,  experienced faculty members etc. SSE is among the few economics colleges that provides complete access to recreational and wellness facilities that includes use of swimming pools, gymnasiums, yoga classes, meditation centres, aerobics classes etc.

The Masters In Economics In India Program

This  programme is open to students who have successfully completed their B.Sc. EconomicsB.E. degree or such other degree prescribed by the college. The aim here  is to ensure that students apply the concepts of economics into real life situations and study in tandem with other inter-disciplinary areas of specializations. Employability and career aspects are given priority. Since the programme combines research, theoretical and application elements, the study involves empirical methods of teaching.

The Masters in Economics in India from colleges like SSE involves subjects such as such as International Trade, Urban Development and Developmental studies. Students pursuing their two-years Masters programme, students study advanced concepts of Micro-economics and Macro-economics along with econometrics and statistical applications. Internship and Dissertations are a part of study from Third Semester where students  study various aspects of Economic applications including Trade and Trade policies, Foreign capital, Urban Economic Development etc.

Upon successful completion of the M.Sc. Economics in India, the college provides  career guidance and placement assistance through their placement cell. The Masters program will qualify students for PhD programme ir take up jobs and pursue career either in private or the public sector. Banking and Financial sector, Market Research, Capital Markets working as independent consultants are some of the options here.

Today, SSE is ranked among the best economics colleges in India as they aim to integrate contemporary elements of economics with the theoretical and quantitative aspects. The college boasts of being able to motivate students to strive towards achieving excellence in the area chosen. The structure of the curriculum, teaching methodology, student diversity makes learning at the SSE campus a truly exceptional one for students.

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